The Timetable Collector

The Timetable Collector is published quarterly for NAOTC members. It tackles one or a few subjects of timetable history in depth. In its continuous publication during the past 48 years, most railways, airlines, bus lines and steamship lines within North America have been featured.
A sampling of past issues:
May, 1970: Steamboat Sampler, Long Island RR
                      includes LIRR List of Forms. 2M
January, 1974: Short Lines of California 2M
July, 1974: Narrow Gage Railways of Maine 2M
January, 1982: Chicago to New York by Interurban 4M
March, 1984: Electric Railways of Western Pennsylvania 4M
August, 1984: Electric Railways of Eastern Pennsylvania 4M
April, 1992: Historic Railways of Florida 6M
Summer, 2005: Illinois Traction 12M
Index to Railroads in the above issues.
Master list of subjects covered in all issues from 1962 to 1997:
The Timetable Newsletter published from 1962 to 1969.
The Timetable Collector (unnumbered) published from 1970 to August 1977.
The Timetable Collector Nos. 1 to 79 published from November 1977 through 1997.
(Issue No. 80, Winter 1997, was devoted to these indices.)